Sunday, November 20, 2016


Regarding the recent article in Maclean's about diaper changing tables in men's washrooms, this is another strong argument for unisex washrooms. Incidentally, why isn't the three year old mentioned in the article toilet trained?

There are many additional reasons there should be unisex washrooms:

Elderly people with opposite sex caregivers: As the population of senior citizens rises, this is going to become more common. It is also somewhat likely most of the caregivers will be feamale, so having a unisex washroom would be a good way a female nurse could care for an elderly male patient without having to be concerned about which washroom to take him into;

People with special needs who have opposite sex caregivers: Again, the population of disabled people is rising and many of these people will need help in the bathroom. Just as with the scenario above, a good way to take care of things without having to wonder about which washroom to use;

daddies with little girls: Even after a child gets out of diapers, they will need help with toileting, probably for a few years after toilet training. Unisex washrooms are a good idea in this case for all the reasons cited in the article;

Couples: Personally, I would rather go to the bathroom in front of my wife or girlfriend to whom I am deeply committed than with a bunch of strange guys;

Dads with a bunch of young kids of both sexes: If you have both boys and girls in your charge who are of the age where they need help toileting, you can't exactly take the boys into the men's room and let the girls go into the women's room by themselves. Of course, you could get a friendly female passerby to help but some people wouldn't be comfortable with doing this.

It is good to see so many places now with unisex washrooms as well as places that don't exactly enforce the MEN or WOMEN sign on their bathroom doors. Hopefully this trend grows, making things a lot easier and much less awkward for fathers and others everywhere.

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