Saturday, November 19, 2016


("Some People Are Dumb" is a well-beloved feature of the Alex Horton Blog and is based on a line from the classic film "Beavis and Butt-head do America.")

When it first came out in the eighties, the idea behind them was to make a fifty gallon drum full of money by extending the diaper wearing age. The idea which was a front for this was that, if a child just learning to use the toilet had a disposable garment that would absorb accidents to a high degree, this would help the child toilet train faster and save parents (overwhelmingly mothers back in them days) the extra work of having to wash soiled underwear or cloth training pants. However, as countless toddlers have demonstrated, this product got used just like a diaper instead.

The marketing of these products as "just like big kid underwear" with the trademark jingle "Mommy, wow, I'm a physically more mature human at this present time" was put forth by people who clearly don't understand little children. Toddlers don't grasp nuances. Yes, to you, Mom, and to you, sleezy diaper company executive, these concoctions of paper and faux-cloth plastic do indeed seem like real underwear and, granted, are capable of being pulled up and down by little ones. Thing is, the kiddos don't see it that way. To them these objects feel and, they discover, work just like diapers. They're not capable of understanding "This is like a diaper only because it's meant to help if I have an accident, but I'm supposed to poop and pee in the potty now."

Granted, there have been some situations in which these disposable training pants have worked, but I'll talk about those in another post. For now, please enjoy reading my name and the date and time this was posted.

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