Saturday, December 24, 2016


Though I do not agree with most of what feminism says or the LGBT agenda, this post points to something important. Men have a desire to care for children, including changing diapers, just as women do. The degree of feeling surrounding it as compared to a woman is debatable, but it is in men nonetheless.

Growing up, the predominate feeling was that all men or boys who wanted to babysit, go into ECE or otherwise care for children were pedophiles. This article shows that, though we have largely gotten past this thinking, it still persists to a great extent in our society.

Fortunately, there was one notable woman who was an exception to this thinking whom I had in my life as a child. I had one babysitter who had a son who was a little stubborn to toilet train and a baby daughter who came along during the time when her mother was sitting my sister and me. She would tell me about her son's toilet training struggles when I asked about them and she let me help with changing her daughter, throwing away the old diaper and getting a new one.

Thank you, woman whose name I of course won't mention here. Helping make your daughter dry and comfortable again was a true privilege.

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