Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Another post motivated for a similar reason to yesterday's post.

Steve Hodges, author of "It's No Accident" clearly either has no clue or is willingly not disclosing the facts about elimination communication in his aforementioned book.

First, for the nine billionth time, elimination communication is not toilet training. It is responding to the natural, human need a baby attempts to communicate to her caregivers from birth, that is, the need to eliminate prompted by the desire not to wet or soil herself, i.e. use a diaper.

Elimination communication is not "nuts", but actually makes perfect sense and is actually the thing that will help prevent the childhood constepation Hodges says cause so many toileting issues in children. Through being made to poop and pee in a diaper, a baby learns elimination is a shameful, in the sense of evil, thing and will tend to only release as much poop into her diaper as she needs to at any given time. Incidentally, this is the reason for what Jamie Glowacki talks about, children having three poopy diapers in one day and then having one big poop a day during and after toilet training.

Also, think about what the baby is being asked to poop into. It's a small garment which severely restricts her stomach, legs and any other area covered by or near the diaper. Just imagine what trying to push a full load into a diaper would be like, even if you hadn't gotten the message that moving your bowels was a bad thing, the results of which must be dealt with using only the barest amount of acknowledgement.

Though of course diet is a factor, we see the above-mentioned reasons for early childhood constipation are much bigger factors.

Also, for only about the seven billionth time for repetition of this line, have XSteve Hodges or any of these other people who dismiss ec as nuts ever lived anyywhere in the huge percentage of the world that practices natural infant hygine or even bothered to do a proper amount of research on this subject.

As to some of Hodge's snide remarks: Firstly, toilet training is not a major life decision. It is simply deciding to put one's poop and pee in an acceptible place, one that is not one's pants. For the nine billionth and first time, elimination communication is simply responding to the signals the newborn or infant is using to tell her mother she has to relieve herself and would like very much not to do it in her pants.

Second, responding to this natural instinct can not at all be compared with a two year old running into traffic, as not wetting or soiling oneself is a primal instinct and traffic, not being a primal part of human existence, must be learned to be avoided.

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